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Employee Costs


  • Many benefits provided to County employees are based upon the latest negotiations between Kern County and its recognized bargaining units ("unions") such as SEIU, which are documented in Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). The term "represented employee" is used to describe any employee who belongs to a recognized bargaining unit. List of unions and bargaining units

  • This summary is an overview only and is not intended to provide a full description of all costs. Additionally, it may not reflect the most recent MOU changes. View MOUs.

(Revised 9-09)

A summary of the mandatory benefit programs for many represented employees and their related costs is noted below.

Health Benefits


In general, most employees are required to enroll in County health benefits unless they have other group health insurance and sign a declination form certifying that other coverage. All employees who enroll in health benefits must enroll in all three components (medical, dental and vision). The cost of health coverage depends on plan chosen and number of dependents.
Plan Benefits Comparison Charts
Plan Premiums

Retirement Plan


Most employees will pay an employee contribution to retirement which does not change based on years of service.

For those employees who are not currently paying 100% of their retirement costs, you can calculate what the cost will be each year by following these instructions (PDF)

Retiree Health Premium Supplement Program


This program was designed to help pay for health benefits upon retirement. In general, represented employees are required to contribute unless they will never receive benefit from the program because they will not meet the years of service/age criteria (i.e., employees who are age 45 or older when hired do not participate). Beginning July 1st, 2012, the contribution to this program is 1.78% of base wages.
RHPSP Summary  (PDF)

Union Dues/Representation Fee


Most new employees represented by one of the recognized bargaining units shall either (1) become a member of the Union or (2) pay to the Union a representation fee. Contact your Union for additional information.

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