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Retirement Planning Resources

Kern County Employees' Retirement Association (KCERA)

This Section 401(a) defined benefit retirement plan requires employer and employee contributions and pays retired employees a pension based on salary, years of service, and age upon retirement.

Deferred Compensation

This Section 457 plan allows employees to contribute on a pre-tax basis to a supplemental retirement account which is then paid out to them when they retire.

Social Security Administration

Note: Both the County and the employee contribute to Social Security and Medicare as follows:

  • The County of Kern withholds 6.2% for Social Security (FICA1) and 1.45% for Medicare (FICA2) from employee's payroll warrants
  • The County matches the employee's 6.2% for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare

Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP)

For participating bargaining groups, this plan requires that a certain percentage of accrued leave "pay-off" at retirement be deposited to a tax-free savings account for payment of qualified medical insurance premiums.

Medical Plans and Costs

Health coverage may be purchased by retirees. Cost is based upon the plan selected and how many persons are covered.

County Contributions

The County has two programs in place to help defray the costs of retiree health coverage, a small monthly stipend and a County supplement that is available to participating eligible employees with 20 or more years of qualified service retiring between ages 50 and 64.

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